First aid saves lives and knowing what to do in an emergency can make all the difference. This is a simple skill with an incredible impact.
The aims of first aid is to:
  • P – Protect Life
  • P – Prevent the situation from worsening
  • P – Promote Recovery


First Aid for Parents: If you are a parent, grandparent or carer and if you work with children, learning first aid will give you the confidence to save a life when it really counts. If your baby has a fever or high temperature, this can be quite worrying.
If the temperature is above 37oc, your baby has a fever. A temperature above 38oc is unusual in young babies under 3 months, so seek medical advice immediately.
Head Injury in Children – What to look for:
  • A wound or bump on the head
  • The child may be unresponsive
  • The child may have drowsiness.
  • Seizure
  • Vomiting
  • Fluid draining from the ears or nose
You need to seek medical advice quickly, but if the injury is minor, try to hold something cold, like frozen bag wrapped in cloth against the injury.

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As a first aider, you need to be able to use the primary survey to deal with potential life threatening conditions in order of priority. This means following the steps which include;


In this section you can find out what to do about bleeding and blood loss, by giving treatment for cuts, grazes, nose bleeding and severe bleeding. You can usually control bleeding from cuts and grazes by elevating the wound and applying pressure. Nose bleed can be serious by causing distress which can lead to shock and loss of responsiveness.
Watch our video on bleeding topics:
  • Cuts and Grazes
  • Nose Bleeds
  • Severe Bleedings
  • Shock

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Poison are substances that can cause temporary or permanent damage if too much is taken and absorbed by the body. Get more information on the effect that different types of poison can have on the body.
  • Alcohol Poisoning: Can happen when drunk in excessive amount
  • Drug Poisoning: This is caused by an overdose of prescription or illegal drugs
  • Food Poisoning: Caused by eating contaminated food
  • Swallowed Poisoning: When ingesting poisonous substances such as chemicals, drugs, plants, fungi

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