August 17, 2016
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NUFORSA proposes to introduce 20kmph speed limit around schools, hospitals and residential roads.

This newsletter is to make an awareness of NUFORSA’s proposal to the Lagos State Safety Commission and Ministry of Transportation to introduce a 20km/h speed limit around schools, hospitals and residential roads.

Our aim for the proposal in these areas are to:
* Improve Road Safety
* Encourage Walking and Cycling
* Improve Local Environment

The general effect of this order would be to prohibit and prosecute any motor vehicle exceeding a speed limit of 20km/h in areas described. The order would provide more time for pedestrians to cross the road, especially children, the elderly and disabled.

Persons desiring to make suggestion can send email to [email protected]

Further information on how to be part of the campaign may be obtained at www.nuforsa.org.org


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