Road Users


Being a passenger in a vehicle, you are also at risk of death or serious injury due to the actions of other road users. However, your own action can also be a factor.
Do not distract the driver. Drivers need to concentrate because distractions within the vehicle can make driving difficult. Here are some valuable tips for being a good passenger.
  • Always wear your seat belt.
  • Support the driver by making sure other passengers behave responsibly.
  • Keep distractions to the minimum and help navigate.
  • Keep radio volume at a reasonable level
  • Pay attention to the road so you can know when the driver may be distracted.
  • At night, do not turn on the interior lights while the vehicle is moving as it can affect driver’s night vision.
  • If you notice an emerging danger, do not shout or try to grab the steering wheel or hand brake
If you are concerned about the driver’s behaviour and you worried about their reaction, you are advised to speak out as your safety and that of other passengers including that of the driver is important.


Follow these simple steps as a pedestrian to reduce risk while out and about. When you are walking, always think about what you are doing when you get to the side of the road.
Pay attention to your surroundings. Putting safety first and keeping safe on the roads is just common sense, but we often have other distractions. Many people use mobile devices and gadgets when walking and this can seriously distract your attention. Sports generally should be kept for sport fields or open fields and not on the roads.
You cannot be responsible for the way people drive, but you can be responsible for your safety as a pedestrian by taking these steps:
  • Stop, Look and Listen
  • Don’t cross the road between parked cars
  • Where provided, cross the road at a zebra crossing or traffic lights.
  • Where there is a footpath, use it.
  • Where there is no footpath, walk, run, jog, facing oncoming traffic.
  • Always wear bright colour clothing and reflective clothing at night.
Drunken passengers are danger to themselves and other road users. Certain types of drugs can affect your nervous system and may cause hallucination, when your brain can become distorted.


There are numbers of basic safety tips cyclists should know before you start to cycle on the road.
  • Maintaining your bicycle is very important
  • Always look behind you for vehicles before you turn or overtake
  • Always be vigilant and be aware of your surroundings
  • Do not use headphone or mobile phones
  • Wearing a cycle helmet will improve your safety and if worn correctly
  • When riding, always watch out for car doors being opened
  • Always give clear signal to show other road users your intention